Police arrest four teenages for underage drinking, shooter not identified.
12:12 PM Dec 21, 2014

We've complained in this space before about the neglect of the city-owned former Surf's Up waterfront property at Water and Meigs streets. We've made those concerns known and we're not here today to repeat them.

11:00 AM Dec 21, 2014

Connie Jackson

Erie County Master Gardener 

Garden year around? Aaron, one of our guides in Otovalo, asked if I might enjoy gardening year-round like in Ecuador.

10:15 AM Dec 21, 2014
Fremont man indicted for June 2013 alleged rape
9:45 AM Dec 21, 2014
Ryan Whaley and Nikki Lloyd to open boutique hotel in 2016
9:30 AM Dec 21, 2014
for Dec. 7-Dec. 13
9:02 AM Dec 21, 2014
More than 200 Cuban Americans protest Obama's plan to normalize relations with Cuba
9:00 AM Dec 21, 2014
Instead of reaching for chips or a latte, a handful of nuts and grapes is a better option
8:35 AM Dec 21, 2014
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7:30 AM Dec 21, 2014

“Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy: who lives his life throughout the entire year in the Christmas spirit.” -Edwin Osgood Grover

7:00 AM Dec 21, 2014

David and Joan Cobb of Vickery, will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a family party on Dec.

7:00 AM Dec 21, 2014
for Sunday, Dec. 21
7:00 AM Dec 21, 2014
For Sunday, Dec. 21
6:48 AM Dec 21, 2014
Obama says U.S. will respond to cyberattack
6:00 AM Dec 21, 2014
For Sunday, Dec. 21
6:00 AM Dec 21, 2014
Adam Storer scores 21 points for Tigers, now 3-0 in the SBC
11:42 PM Dec 20, 2014