Community members gather to remember and mourn together
7:22 PM Sep 6, 2014
The expenses ranged from public funds fronted for Clinton’s two attorneys; hotel rooms and meals for jurors; and a person to chronicle all the gruesome and intense details during the case.
4:04 PM Feb 19, 2014
Sebetto confronts rapist, killer in court, tells him she, Jackson family will be heard.
5:12 PM Nov 15, 2013
One of the 12 jurors in the Curtis Clinton trial attended Thursday’s sentencing, saying he wanted to see the case through to the end.
2:28 PM Nov 15, 2013
Clinton exchanges profanities with family as hatred boils over.
9:11 AM Nov 15, 2013
Watch continued coverage from the Erie County Courthouse.
6:25 PM Nov 14, 2013
Local man has been researching death row inmates for 7 years.
10:36 AM Nov 14, 2013
Judge Tone to decide killer’s ultimate fate
1:50 PM Nov 13, 2013
Watch for live updates in the sentencing phase of the trial of Curtis Clinton.
5:26 PM Nov 12, 2013


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