Residents urged not to drink water and the city warned against boiling because it will only increase the toxin's concentration
8:40 AM Aug 2, 2014
Law will require most farmers to be trained and certified before using commercial fertilizers on fields
6:00 PM Jun 15, 2014
Lake Erie residents say mayflies slower to emerge.
8:00 PM Jun 14, 2014
Korean War veteran reburied in Ohio 64 years later.
6:00 AM May 25, 2014
Former Ottawa County official fined, sentenced to one year of probation for federal theft charge
5:46 PM May 23, 2014
The state’s elections chief is telling board members and leaders of a northern Ohio county elections board to prepare for a hearing on their removal
1:10 PM May 13, 2014
Two firefighters killed this past winter are being honored at the University of Toledo Medical Center.
12:39 PM May 4, 2014
A northwest Ohio man is facing a sentence of life in prison after a jury convicted him of fatally shooting and stabbing his estranged wife’s boyfriend last summer.
8:54 PM May 3, 2014
Going the extra mile for a fallen friend, hero (with video from marathon)
12:33 PM Apr 28, 2014
Ohio’s government-run investment fund for injured workers has agreed to put $50 million into a Wisconsinbased real-estate investment fund run by a major bundler of campaign contributions to Republican presidential candidates.
8:25 PM Apr 21, 2014


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