Three killed after Wednesday crash.
8:00 PM Mar 15, 2014
Ice covered 92.2 percent of the Great Lakes March 6, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
3:49 PM Mar 13, 2014
The lawyer for an Amish family wants the Ohio Supreme Court to reconsider its decision not to hear a case involving the couple who fought a hospital over resuming chemotherapy for their 11-year-old daughter.
4:24 PM Mar 6, 2014
Last September, Ohio hit a new low in its ongoing battle against algae, though, when the tiny municipal water treatment plant that serves 2,000 customers in Ottawa County’s Carroll Township was so overwhelmed by a toxin called microcystin that the facility was forced offline.
8:55 PM Mar 5, 2014
“These kids were good kids, it’s amazing the positive results you see on children who are placed in a loving, caring home”
8:00 AM Mar 4, 2014
“A lot of vacant homes are burned, and you don’t know. Is it neighbors? Is it for insurance? It’s one of those tough crimes”
3:02 PM Feb 25, 2014
Telemedicine allows doctor at to interact with patient through any computer device, including smartphone
1:00 PM Feb 10, 2014
Authorities said in court documents that Abou-Arab used a flammable liquid to start the fire that killed firefighters Stephen Machcinski and James Dickman on Jan. 26.
1:10 PM Feb 3, 2014
Biting cold puts a freeze on restaurant business.
6:00 AM Jan 31, 2014
Sentencing of former sheriff scheduled for May; maximum of 10 years.
7:20 PM Jan 29, 2014


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