A group of men allegedly snatched a Cleveland man’s cellphone at Daly’s Bar early Saturday, aiming to receive some cash or sexual favors in exchange for its safe return
She allegedly said, “get her, get her, beat her (expletive) baby” during the tussle.
Six girls were arrested Sunday night for running amok in the halls of Firelands Regional Medical Center.
A Sandusky woman was arrested for egging her neighbor’s car Thursday evening.
A Cedar Point chaussee resident was arrested Monday for drunkenly ramming her Lexus into a toll booth gate, according to a Sandusky police report.
Her rationale for stealing, according to the report: “I thought I could get away with it.”
Hills, 33, faces numerous drug charges after allegedly spilling crack in cruiser
Sister allegedly told brother her boyfriend would cut off his fingers, blow up house
“I’m calling my buddy Ted Patrick about you, just wait. Someone is going to (expletive) you up, you better look out”
A Sandusky man was arrested Thursday night for calling police after his snack upset his stomach, according to a police report.
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