Weather fears

Facebook crowd values beer, bacon and friends

With the sub-zero temperatures sending many residents to area grocery stores to stock up on provisions, Register staff members wondered what other weather fears readers might have. We asked our friends at Facebook and here's what they told us: 

Erika Johnson: Losing power.

Paul Matthews: My box of wine will freeze and my bacon won't thaw.

Julie Ann Townsend: My roommate is nine months pregnant and due any day. Me and (my) three children braving the cold to get her to the hospital.

Toni Jones: Shortage of toilet paper.

Daniel Cody Seckman: My snowman comes to life and tries to attack my family.

Sean Foley: Running out of beer.

Donna Yost: Getting the door frozen so you can't get out of the house.

Melissa Richards: Getting stranded on the side of the road after dark, or going off the road and it being a while before anyone comes through to notice.

Lisa Hildebrant: The driving. Especially on Rt. 4. Those ditches scare the breathe right out of me.