Man tries to lure children into pickup

A strange man asked two different children walking to school Thursday morning to get into his truck, Fremont police Chief Tim Wiersma said.

The children were about five blocks away from Fremont Middle School, when a Hispanic male in his mid- to late-30s approached them separately at about 7:30 a.m.

First he approached a girl, and when she refused, he drove about a block and a half further and asked a boy the same question, both times opening the passenger side door of his pickup.

"Neither one did, obviously," Wiersma said.

When they refused, he drove away.

The man was described as light-skinned, wearing dark clothing, was smoking and driving a pickup with dark tinted windows, that was either black or very dark blue and may have been an Ford F-150.

"We always have a good presence around our schools and will continue to have that presence," Wiersma said.

"Everybody is safe, and we'll be keeping a lookout. If anybody has an idea of who this could be, please give us a call," he said.

The Fremont Police Department may be reached at 419-334-6464.