Vermilion woman charged with 5th OVI, child endangering

A Vermilion woman who already has four convictions for drunken driving faces charges of child endangerment after being arrested yet again for drunk driving.

Perkins police pulled over Brandi R. Feltis, 32, 300 block of Fairfax Road, Vermilion, at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday after a witness called the police and reported that a driver was weaving all over the road on Campbell Street near Perkins High School.

The witness later told police he had seen Feltis go off the road more than 20 times and go left of center several times as well. The witness said Feltis almost hit two vehicles head on and also almost hit the barrier for Ohio 2 on Campbell Road.

Officer Joseph Bauman wrote in his report that when he caught up with Feltis and pulled her over at Bogart Road and Columbus Avenue, he discovered that Feltis smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot and glassy eyes and slurred speech.

After Feltis flunked several field sobriety tests, she was handcuffed and placed in the police car.

Police confiscated a pen tube with residue inside it, an open bottle of rum and two cans of punch with alcohol in it.

Feltis' 8-year-old son was in the back seat, so police told her she would be charged with child endangering and with transporting an open container.

Once she arrived at the police station, Feltis provided a breath sample that tested at .179 percent. Because it was over the .080 percent legal limit, Baumann told Feltis her license would be suspended, the police report says.

Police also found that a no-bond bench warrant had been issued for Feltis from Huron Municipal Court for contempt of court.

In addition, a check found that Feltis has been convicted of OVI once in 2011, once in 2007 and twice in 2003.

Feltis was taken to the county jail and her son was turned over to her brother.