Voltz asks for old job at Erie County agency

Erie County's former champion against child abuse and domestic violence is demanding his three former bosses reinstate him.

But it's unlikely Aaron Voltz — fired after he was jailed in July 2011 on a rape charge — will ever return to work at Erie County Job and Family Services.

Voltz, the agency's former executive director, recently sent a letter to the three Erie County commissioners, who oversee operations at job and family services.

Voltz said he wants to once again work for the agency, although this time he's seeking to become the department's assistant executive director, the position he held just before he was promoted in June 2011.

Voltz's request stems from a letter he received from the U.S. Department of Justice's civil rights divisions, indicating he's allowed to pursue legal action against the county.

Voltz claims he was unjustly fired because he's Hispanic. Commissioners remain adamant they had a right to axe him.

"I feel confident that what we did will stand," commissioner Bill Monaghan said. "His letter has no credence."