Accused child molester assaulted at Erie County Jail

An Erie County jail inmate broke a fellow inmate’s face Thursday after reading an article in the Register.

Jory Hall, 23, of Sandusky, was charged with felonious assault.

The victim, Eddie Frederick, 48, of Vermilion, was jailed Saturday, after an 11-year-old girl accused him of groping and molesting her, an Erie County deputy's report said. Frederick told Erie County deputies he was reading Wednesday’s Register when he spotted an article about his charges of gross sexual imposition.

“Frederick ... cut it out of the paper,” a deputy’s report said.

Frederick then walked back into his cell where Hall confronted him about removing the article and a fight ensued. Frederick suffered a broken left eyesocket and had to be taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

“(Hall said) Frederick is a child molester and does not belong in general population,” the report said. “He continued that everyone wanted to ‘mess up’ Frederick but he was the only one that did anything about it.”

Hall was jailed Oct. 23 without bond on domestic violence charges.