5:01 PM Sep 2, 2011
When the state's "elite' criminal investigation agency botches a probe as badly as the Ohio Bureau of Investigation (BCI) did in the killing of 26-year-old Bryan Jones, residents should know already, then, beyond any reasonable doubt, the agency is incompetent to its task.
11:10 PM Aug 20, 2011
Documents recently filed in federal court show a Sandusky County Sheriff's detective had raised concerns about how deputies handled the July 11, 2010 standoff with Bryan Jones. Jones, 26, was ultimately shot and killed by deputies who stormed his family's Tiffin Road home that night.
7:34 PM Oct 23, 2010
A special Sandusky County grand jury heard evidence but returned no indictments Friday in the fatal shooting of a rural Fremont man, according to The Blade of Toledo.
2:33 PM Oct 18, 2010
"Immediately after the detonation of the flash bang devises, Bryan yelled out 'Why?' as (Jose and Mario Calvillo) fired shots into his head and body. At least four bullets penetrated Bryan. It is believed that death was not immediate. The (Cavillos) were so wild with delusions and anger that bullets were found in the walls and woodwork of the residence as well as in the body of Bryan." - From Jones family lawsuit against Sandusky County Sheriff's personnel
11:49 PM Aug 31, 2010
A special prosecutor reviewing the shooting death of Bryan Jones said he'll present the case to a Sandusky County grand jury.
11:36 PM Jul 28, 2010
FREMONT— Findings in a preliminary autopsy report corroborate Sandusky County Sheriff's deputies' accounts of the shooting death of 26-year-old Bryan Jones. According to Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie, the findings are consistent with deputies' statements that Jones raised a shotgun at them when they entered his home.
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