9:58 PM Jan 15, 2012
Q: I think the house next door to me has been abandoned by the homeowner. The homeowner finally evicted the renter but not until the property was already pretty much destroyed. The junk, old carpet, etc., is in the side yard right next to my house. Not only am I concerned about my property values decreasing because of the poor condition, I'm also concerned with animals taking up residence. Who could I contact to get the outside of the property cleaned up? - Thanks, Vicki from the west side of town
5:00 AM Dec 13, 2011
A Sandusky man told police he stabbed a 17-year-old in self-defense Sunday morning after the teen and another person attacked him at a party.
11:27 AM Dec 14, 2011
Aug 23, 2014 - Aug 23, 2014

Martin James Riley, 84, residing in Sandusky, passed away early Friday morning, Dec. 9, 2011, in Briarfield of Milan after a lengthy illness.

5:40 PM Dec 12, 2011
Aug 23, 2014 - Aug 23, 2014

Mary E.

6:12 PM Dec 12, 2011
Another legendary-yet-empty city building will soon get some protection from the pelting snow and howling winds.
1:41 PM Dec 12, 2011
We asked Country Hill Tree Farm owners Howard Smith and his wife, Janice, to give us some tips for purchasing the right Christmas tree for your family.
5:12 PM Dec 12, 2011
No criminal charges will be brought against a longtime Adams Junior High School music teacher who was allegedly involved in a fight with a student.
9:58 PM Jan 15, 2012
Q: Is there a Sandusky Register archival search available to the general public (or subscription holder)? It would be nice to be able to look up old articles or the obituaries. –Dan in Perkins
11:00 AM Dec 11, 2011
An elderly Sandusky man is fighting to regain control of his money after a court granted his nephew power over his finances.
9:50 AM Dec 12, 2011
Santa Claus will be riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeer in two weeks, but folks who prefer motorcycles have the Christmas spirit, too.
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