9:08 PM Jan 15, 2012
The Erie County Humane Society features these cats available for adoption ...
12:05 PM Nov 28, 2011
If she wants her two young boys to receive gifts this Christmas, Melissa Toth must once again swallow her pride and ask a local nonprofit for help buying presents.
10:01 PM Nov 25, 2011
In our world, at this moment in history, many of our friends and neighbors are struggling with the new reality: Fewer jobs, reduced wages and an economic future that is uncertain, at best. Still, there is so much to be thankful for on this holiday of thanks.
11:00 AM Nov 27, 2011
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3:45 PM Nov 23, 2011
Aug 1, 2014 - Aug 1, 2014

Esther M. Hill, 84, of Sandusky, died Monday, Nov. 21, 2011, in Admiral’s Pointe, Huron.

10:06 PM Jan 15, 2012
Q: Mailbag, I enjoy the column. There's a recurring problem we have with out-of-date phone books. What are we to do with the old ones? Do they go with office paper, magazines, or newspapers in the current recycling bins? Or are phone books to be thrown in the trash? –Sandy in Marblehead
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