5:02 AM Jul 6, 2011
Erie County officials have established a list of priority road improvements in an effort to prepare for upcoming repair work.
1:35 PM Jul 5, 2011
More than half of voters in a recent SanduskyRegister.com poll thought the Erie MetroParks' Huron River Greenway should have never been built.
10:57 PM Jan 15, 2012
Q: When is Phase II of Lions Park supposed to start? I've noticed that nothing has been done since last fall. - John on W. Monroe St.
8:02 AM Jul 5, 2011
In trying to keep pace with the demand for heated boat storage, Hoty Enterprises is working on a new addition to the boat storage facility it built just a year ago.
5:00 AM Jul 5, 2011
About 100 children rode their bikes down Columbus Avenue -- the majority of whom showcased a strong sense of American nationalism -- during Monday's downtown celebration. Bikers pedaled past vendors and spectators on the hot, sunny day. Local marching bands and various music groups also filled the air with patriotic tunes throughout the day.
6:01 AM Jul 4, 2011
A recently installed surveillance camera will monitor Peddler's Alley, a fact downtown business owners and residents hope will deter potential criminals.
Apr 19, 2014

Missionary Jacqueline “Jackie” (Clinton) Franks, 43, Sandusky, made a peaceful transition from labor to reward Thursday, June 30, 2011.

Apr 19, 2014

Robert J. Murray, 92, formerly of Olean, N.Y.

5:04 PM Jul 3, 2011
With about five weeks left before the filing deadline, only three people have confirmed they will be contenders for the five city commission seats on the ballot this fall.
6:02 AM Jul 3, 2011
Many pit bull owners in Erie County say it's unfair their dogs are considered vicious just because of the animal's breed.
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