Q: An article in Sandusky Register stated that the DC Filter building on Fifth street received a grant to clean up, purify and rid all of the toxic substances from the building. This is all great news for the residents in the area but the article didn't state what the future plans are for the building after the clean up. Does any one know? Will be great if it is going to be a business to bring jobs to the area. -Lynn on Mckinley St.
12:00 PM May 3, 2012
Coaster and amusement park fans sounded off today about Cedar Point's decision to dismantle the 42-year-old WildCat coaster. Check out what they had to say here:
10:49 AM May 3, 2012
Beginning Tuesday, May 29, member agencies of The United Way of Erie County will begin staffing the Red Wagon in Washington Park between 11a.m. - 2 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and during many special events.
10:47 AM May 3, 2012
Administrators cleared a Sandusky officer of allegations he used excessive force to arrest a woman and later falsified the crime report.
9:00 AM May 3, 2012
City administrators have fired two Sandusky police officers embroiled in an alleged sexting scandal involving one officer's wife.
10:37 PM May 2, 2012
Oct 25, 2014

Autumn Kelly Laughlin, daughter of Erik Laughlin and Kami Moon, of Sandusky, was stillborn on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, at Fisher-Titus Medical Center, Norwalk.

4:21 PM May 2, 2012
A Sandusky woman was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center after she wrecked a motorcycle into a bush Wednesday at 1009 W. Market Street.
2:48 PM May 2, 2012
Q: The question was: How come the Erie County Dog Pound doesn't spay and neuter the dogs coming into the facility? This is a common practice at many other shelters across the country. It would also save people an additional cost. - Karen on Birchwood Drive
11:23 AM May 2, 2012
There was to be no confusion. A bold sign, in fact, made it clear what the evening was about: "Vote Here for Removal of Clayton Howard.'
11:00 AM May 2, 2012
Paramedics rushed a Sandusky man to Firelands Regional Medical Center after a vehicle gas tank exploded in a Hayes Avenue garage.
10:57 AM May 2, 2012
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