10:29 AM Jan 4, 2012
Confined in prison for almost two years after he was convicted of assault and burglary, Christopher Stanford finally realized he had to transform his life.
5:48 PM Jan 3, 2012
Former Sandusky City Manager Matt Kline has a new job.
9:48 PM Jan 15, 2012
Q: Dear Mailbag, I noticed only three of the Republican candidates for president, Gingrich, Perry and Romney, made the Dec. 7 filing deadline for the Ohio primary ballot. Does that mean the others won't be on the ballot in March? - Sarah in Sandusky
12:17 AM Jan 3, 2012
Jul 28, 2014 - Jul 28, 2014

Mary Elizabeth (Cage) Garrett, 75, Sandusky, died Friday, Dec. 30, 2011, in University Hospital, Cleveland.

9:00 AM Jan 2, 2012
Two years after taking his lawn mower to cut the tall grass in Central Park, John Hamilton is the ex officio mayor of Sandusky.
5:00 AM Jan 2, 2012
Eleven candidates sought seats on the Sandusky City Commission in 2003, when voter turnout in Erie County was about 44 percent, instead of the anticipated 30 percent. The city commission race was lauded as one of the main reasons for the spike in a nonpresidential year.
10:34 PM Dec 31, 2011
A stolen car driven by a 16-year-old Sandusky boy smashed into a parked SUV Saturday during a high-speed police chase in the 900 block of Wayne St. But the boy wasn't done. Apparently uninjured, he jumped out and led police on a 10-minute foot chase. Police set up a perimeter and brought out Sandusky police dog Justice, who tracked the boy to a shed behind 908 Hancock St.
6:00 AM Jan 1, 2012
Every year has important news, but 2011 had events that will live forever in our memories.
1:00 PM Jan 1, 2012
Ohio's minimum wage increases 30 cents today, to $7.70 an hour.
3:48 PM Dec 31, 2011
Jul 28, 2014 - Jul 28, 2014

Hubert Blair, 86, of Sandusky, passed away early Wednesday morning, Dec. 28, 2011, in Stein Hospice Care Center, Sandusky.

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