Sandusky resident Estella Chavarria knows her apparently handwritten copy of Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” is almost surely a reproduction.
9:53 AM Nov 19, 2013
A freighter ran aground in Sandusky Bay Sunday morning, and will likely remain there until sometime today.
9:48 AM Nov 19, 2013
Former Sandusky teacher to stand in for Abraham Lincoln at event today in Gettysburg, Pa.
9:09 AM Nov 19, 2013
A Sandusky man was arrested for allegedly kicking a nurse Saturday evening at Firelands Regional Medical Center.
5:52 PM Nov 18, 2013
Students lend a hand at the ReStore's new location.
4:28 PM Nov 18, 2013
Two Sandusky men were arrested on drug charges Saturday afternoon after an officer smelled marijuana during a traffic stop.
4:20 PM Nov 18, 2013
Sandusky residents can take advantage of a free yard waste drop-off at Barnes Nursery later this month.
4:19 PM Nov 18, 2013
Despite recent market trends, Sandusky police commanders still greatly value silver.
3:30 PM Nov 18, 2013
A late-night fight left multiple people with dog bite wounds after one participant’s pet joined in the fray.
1:53 PM Nov 18, 2013
The storm that kicked up dozens of tornadoes across the Midwest Sunday evening left about 2,400 area homes without power, but local residents ultimately fared better than expected.
12:31 PM Nov 18, 2013


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