5:52 PM Feb 20, 2012
(UPDATED WITH SURVEILLANCE PHOTOS) Sandusky police are searching for a man who took about $200 from the front desk at Quality Inn & Suites, 1935 Cleveland Road.
2:07 PM Feb 17, 2012
The FBI agent who supervised the investigation of the southern Michigan-based militia called Hutaree returned to the witness stand for a third day in the federal court trial of members accused of plotting to kill a police officer to ignite a broader overthrow of the government.
2:01 PM Feb 17, 2012
The Erie County Humane Society features these cats and kittens available for adoption:
1:00 PM Feb 17, 2012
The following real estate transactions represent the highest and lowest amounts recorded in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties for the week ending Feb. 17, 2011.
10:39 AM Feb 17, 2012
Ohio Supreme Court officials estimate local taxpayers will spend $300,000 for trial costs throughout the duration of Kevin Randleman's case before appeals.
9:00 AM Feb 17, 2012
While Sandusky police are investigating the December deaths of two infants, health officials continue to warn parents against letting infants sleep next to them in bed.
6:11 PM Feb 16, 2012
Jul 25, 2014 - Jul 25, 2014

Dale H. McCutcheon, 85, of Sandusky, died Wednesday evening, Feb. 15, 2012, in Stein hospice Care Center, Sandusky, following a brief illness.

3:31 PM Feb 16, 2012
Jul 25, 2014 - Jul 25, 2014

Marilee Santoro, 83, of Sandusky, passed away early Thursday afternoon, Feb. 9, 2012, in Firelands Regional Medical Center after a lengthy illness.

2:29 PM Feb 16, 2012
Jul 25, 2014 - Jul 25, 2014

Abner S. Dobyns, 90, of Sandusky, died early Wednesday morning, Feb. 15, 2012, in Firelands Regional Medical Center, Sandusky.

12:00 PM Feb 16, 2012
Q: When can we expect more winter weather? I want to go sledding! - Lynn on Market St.
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