Assistant Sandusky police Chief Phil Frost was our guest at noon Thursday for "Between the Lines Live."

Frost, who's been with the department since 1988, was recently promoted assistant chief by Chief John Orzech.

He woke her up demanding she leave, but she told him she was too drunk to leave. She soon woke up to an extreme burning on her right thigh and rolled around to put out the flames
When arrested, he told police the wallet only contained $107, which he used to buy heroin
She had started to experience medical problems with headaches, nose bleeds and blurred vision.
When officers did catch up to one of the suspects, he allegedly “squared up” on them aggressively, prompting an officer to use his Taser, the report said.
Police hope surveillance video will reveal suspects’ license plate number
Suspect’s husband accused of being accomplice, attended victim’s funeral as pallbearer
The woman went on to say there have been “issues” between her son and a local gang, the report said.
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