Depending on who you ask, public opinion about Dennis Murray Jr. starkly varies.
10:18 AM Nov 26, 2013
Our apologies for not getting this to you earlier. You may have to cram to get it all read by 5 p.m.
10:27 AM Nov 25, 2013
Documents need signatures from all 7 commissioners
2:01 PM Nov 23, 2013
City commissioners-elect ready for challenges.
2:29 PM Nov 12, 2013
Some light reading for a Sunday afternoon. Meeting is Monday.
12:29 PM Oct 27, 2013
$250,000 grant to help improve homes.
3:10 PM Oct 16, 2013
Sandusky city commissioners are poised to select a construction company to raze what is arguably the area’s most dangerous building.
8:32 AM Oct 15, 2013
If you start reading it now, you might be able to finish it by the 5 p.m. meeting.
8:26 AM Oct 15, 2013

Former Sandusky ex officio Mayor Craig Stahl and the city’s finance committee chairman, Allen Nickles, are the guests at

1:00 PM Oct 11, 2013
Pervis Brown, Jeff Smith plan to attend community gathering.
9:44 AM Oct 9, 2013
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