Happy Fourth of July! Today is Erie County day for the Werling boys and their last day of the Round Trip from Vermilion back home to Sandusky.

7:50 AM Jul 4, 2013

Today the Werling boys will travel along Lake Erie in Ohio from Geneva-on-the-Lake to Vermilion. There are no planned stops along the way so watch below to see where the day takes them.

7:50 AM Jul 3, 2013

Day six will include driving through three states starting in New York, then a short time in Pennsylvania and a stop at Presque Isle, and then on to a return to Ohio where the Werling boys will camp for the night in Geneva-on-the-Lake.

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7:50 AM Jul 2, 2013

Today is back to the American waters of Lake Erie after a stop at Niagara Falls. A stay in Lake Erie State Park in Brocton, NY is planned at the end of the day.

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7:50 AM Jul 1, 2013

We are about halfway there. The Werling boys will be starting their day in Port Stanley at the Windjammer Inn and then it's on to Long Point Provincial Park and then Crystal Beach. This is a big weekend in Canada as Monday is Canada Day.

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7:50 AM Jun 30, 2013

Today is Leamington Day. Jason and his boys will be going to Point Pelee, the city of Leamington and whatever is along the Lake Erie shore between Leamington and Port Stanley. Join their third day of the eight-day journey already in progress.

9:01 AM Jun 29, 2013

Today the Werling boys will be starting at the Ohio/Michigan line and going north along Lake Erie until they reach the Ambassador Bridge to Canada. Their day will end in Leamington, Ontario where they will try to find where the Pelee Islander ferry docks on the other side of the lake.

7:54 AM Jun 28, 2013

Welcome to this year's trip. Today we will be starting our day with breakfast in Sandusky. We will be driving west through Sandusky, Bay View, around the Marblehead Peninsula, past Davis Besse, Bono, Oregon and along the shore of Toledo. The day will end at the Ohio/Michigan state line.

7:50 AM Jun 27, 2013

The trip starts Thursday. For a background about the series click HERE.

12:10 PM Jun 25, 2013

The third installment of the Werling boys road trip series is set and this year we are calling it a "Round Trip" as we are driving around Lake Erie.

9:22 AM Jun 7, 2013


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