Two men involved with the reconstruction of the Rieger building duked it out Thursday afternoon after a work dispute.
3:50 PM Mar 23, 2014
Rieger Place residents will have designated parking once construction crews finish work on a West Market Street parking lot, next to the county garage.
3:15 PM Dec 13, 2013
The Rieger’s uncovered marquee being restored.
10:12 AM Nov 29, 2013
Business owners inquire about downtown property in hopes of securing space.
11:59 AM Nov 9, 2013
Rieger Building transformation progresses.
2:08 PM Oct 29, 2013
Sign revealed as workers renovate historic Sandusky building.
11:05 AM Jul 15, 2013
Sandusky city commissioners approved a $150,000 loan so developers can transform century-old hotel rooms into swanky pads for senior citizens.
8:01 AM Feb 19, 2013
An iconic Sandusky structure may soon transition into a vibrant living space for senior citizens.
11:18 AM Sep 18, 2012
A Columbus-based housing developer secured enough money to revitalize an archaic, but iconic, downtown Sandusky structure.
9:00 AM Aug 6, 2012
A downtown Sandusky landmark long vacant finally received some sweet news of restoration and revival this week.
1:00 PM Apr 14, 2012
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