Former Put-in-Bay police recruit says she was sexually assaulted in police housing on the island; Lampela wouldn't let her report it
8:25 AM Nov 23, 2014
Judge denies special prosecutor request
8:08 AM Nov 19, 2014
Ottawa County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate this and other allegations against PIB police
6:00 AM Nov 14, 2014
Township leaders placed four issues on ballot, voters show overwhelming support
11:58 PM Nov 4, 2014
Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial open for tours
1:44 PM Oct 30, 2014
Minions have taken over one location at Put-in-Bay
1:27 PM Oct 23, 2014
Hotel employees, attorneyes and public still don't know why three were arrested more than a year ago
1:11 PM Oct 23, 2014
Cadigan said no recent deaths on South Bass Island
2:52 PM Oct 4, 2014
Korossy gone, council seeks counsel
12:30 PM Oct 1, 2014
Mulligan sticks with his conflicting replies on whether he authorized Put-in-Bay Resort arrests
8:09 PM Sep 28, 2014


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