9:51 PM Sep 3, 2014
The alleged victim said he drank a bottle of vodka and was sleeping on a sofa
5:39 PM Sep 3, 2014
Second bottle offense involving Johnson brothers
8:01 AM Aug 26, 2014
Police said they saw cold beer bottles and heard whispering coming from the closet where they ultimately found the three juvenile boys
12:40 PM Aug 24, 2014
Man violently shook woman as well, according to report
7:49 PM Aug 20, 2014
Swimmer was floating on inner tube
2:01 PM Aug 19, 2014
He'll need more than that to get out of jail
3:07 PM Aug 2, 2014
Dog attacked other dog, officer and cat
12:36 PM Jul 22, 2014
Man arrested after allegedly slapping pregnant girlfriend; friends argue with police
8:45 AM Jul 16, 2014
One man arrested on existing warrant for breaking and entering
12:12 PM Jun 28, 2014
Police called when man seen huffing something out of cans
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