Voting closed - Help us choose the Top 10 stories of the year

Each year we ask readers to help us choose the Top 10 stories of the year. There are 20 options below. The 10 stories with the most votes by Wednesday, Dec. 26, will be featured in the Dec. 30 edition of the Sandusky Register.

Cedar Point announces the GateKeeper rollercoaster, removes Space Spiral and Disaster Transport.
4% (5 votes)
New leadership in top local industries (Cedar Fair, hospitals, etc.)
1% (2 votes)
Rash of murders in Sandusky — seven in 2012.
15% (21 votes)
President Barack Obama becomes first president since Truman to visit Sandusky.
9% (13 votes)
A woman and her two children were killed in a triple homicide on John Street. Curtis Clinton is charged.
16% (22 votes)
Huron schools superintendent Fred Fox is dismissed in an ongoing saga with the school board.
2% (3 votes)
Child abuse and child death cases (Owen Baker killed, Logan Wilson beaten, Vermilion malnutrion death)
1% (1 vote)
New tests by the U.S. EPA at former Whirlpool Park create new chapter in the Clyde-area childhood cancer cluster investigation.
4% (6 votes)
Bellevue High School football team goes to state finals.
26% (36 votes)
Perkins schools coach Chris Smith dies in car crash.
2% (3 votes)
Sandusky County jail guards dismissed after they taunt mentally ill female inmate.
0% (0 votes)
A heated rift among parishioners at Ebenezer Baptist Church over an expensive building addition.
1% (1 vote)
Kevin Randleman pleas guilty, is sentenced to life in prison for slaying Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn.
10% (14 votes)
Conagra disappears from Huron's cityscape, ongoing plans and development progress in the community.
0% (0 votes)
Family fights for answers in the investigation into the Jacob Limberios shooting death.
1% (1 vote)
Troubled cops (Sandusky police love triangle, Showalter gun incident downtown, Barker drunken driving incident, etc.)
1% (2 votes)
Weird and wild weather, climate change (Superstorm Sandy, microburst storm damage and drought)
1% (2 votes)
Most incumbents re-elected, general election results.
0% (0 votes)
Sandusky schools — New leader, new levy and new union contract.
2% (3 votes)
I have another choice, which I'll share in the comments.
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 139





All 20 suck. I'll pass.


How about some positive articles to choose from?


Vote for the Bellevue Football team. That's a positive story.


Sandusky Register, you are pathetic. You mentioned: Perkins Schools Coach Chris Smith dies in car crash. I do not believe that something like this should even be mentioned. There are people that care and perhaps still struggle with this. Have some decency.


In light of the recent tragedy in CT, and continued school violence towards our youth, what about the story of the poor kid that was bullied in Perkins schools? What ever became of that? Did they acknowledge the bullying and put a plan of action in place? Or did this get swept under the rug like so many other stories of bullying and administrators lack of action???


how about we wait till the year is close to being over with before we start picking?


Mostly negative things happened so there's not much positive to choose from. Would you rather ignore that fact so you can happily go blindly on with your miserable shallow life?

Simmer down

Positive PLEASE!!!!!


President Obama's visit is a positive story.


No it isn't

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LOL, no comment, I don't want to go to jail.


Most of the top stories are negative, because that is mostly what is highlighted in this paper throughout the year.


I think we need to vote on who made the funniest comments of the year. I nominate rickross


I think you need to include "Maneater: Hall Bites Oates" for the headline alone.

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YES, I agree!!! I can't get the remix out of my head still!




Victoria Soto, The Marines, The Navy, The Army

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The Hero Zone

As it seems there is an interest in a positive story being nominated, I can toot our horn a bit with last Sunday's front page (and business front page) piece on The Hero Zone being a community of positive influence, activity, and the desire to not just stay in the area as a social force but grow it economically as well as be a "crown jewel attraction" of sorts in the downtown area.


the problem is if you think that a football game was more important then a mother and her two beautiful children losing there life then this world really is going to hell


I certainly don't believe the football team needs anymore coverage..It's history without a trophy, but I certainly don't believe reliving the murder of Heather, and her babies should be highlighted either! Come on!


Bladn,,,,,I would differ with you on Chris Smith. Respect your thoughts but I think it appearing in the list shows the impact Chris made in this community. He is not forgotten even some 6 months later. It would similar to a few years ago that Officr Dunn was on the list of top stories in the news for the year.

To remember Chris and for all he was to the community should be a positive and a challenge for so many others in our community it rise to his level of giving back to his community. Lets not forget him or try to hide what he did in our community that has helped so many young people in their lives.


Agree 100%


I think that if SR and Matt would start digging over there in Clyde, they could be up for some national awards.

What better place is there to bury a bunch of cancer causing waste, but under a park? Nobody would build there, then donate it to get it off your hands. Somebody knew what they were doing.


Here is a positive story. After four years the employees that lost their jobs and were never paid at Maui Sands received a settlement check in the mail yesterday. A true Christmas blessing.


'Miracle' for family that lost home to Sandy

Sarah Weber

We have a few days before the Top Stories package runs in the paper, so we extended voting through Wednesday. Thanks everyone who took the time to vote.


How 'bout ALERT! MAJOR WINTER STORM COMING! Oh...that's probably in the pay version. Like the online version is for breaking news or public service. My Bad.


Still, no. Use Sarah's Most Hit Website results.
Just because we reply, doesn't mean we give the answers you seek. And really, this isn't 1988.


These 20 stories are nothing compared to the big stories that the SR could report on. The powers that be and the SR are like peas in a pod and keeping things under wraps.


So are they done voting now? Or are they going to extend it again?