Should Perkins police release alleged drunken officer report?

Do you think Perkins officials should release all the facts related to the Thanksgiving Day incident involving an alleged drunken officer? An investigation of the incident is complete, but township officials have withheld it while failing to cite an Ohio Revised Code exemption.




Yes, the records should be released immediately.
32% (11 votes)
Yes, release the records unless the township can provide the exact exemption in the ORC.
21% (7 votes)
No, if the records are being withheld there must be a good reason.
24% (8 votes)
I don't care.
18% (6 votes)
I have other thoughts, which I'll discuss in the comments.
6% (2 votes)
Total votes: 34


Erie County Resident

Giving the new chief the benefit of the doubt on this one.
I see this as not being comlete as far as an internal investigation goes to sort everything out.
Saying that I can see why Klamar is doing this to come to the best final conclusion and NOT try this in the media, only to be crucified by them afterwards.

The trustees on the other hand are just playing the political CYA game to protect themselves. Don't trust any of them after making "their" township hall plans.


Put it this way. If you climbed up my butt in such a fashion and found yourself without a report in what YOU think is a proper time frame, I would withhold it for a week longer just to irritate you. I promise.

Screw your poll.


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If the staff at our hometown paper would spend as much time doing some reporting as they do pouting about not having these records released, maybe I would actually get a subscription instead of making fun of them on here.

Super Judge

We are OWED the release of this report. If PPD ever want to be respected again then it shall be released. So what if a few people lose their jobs, they didn't deserve them in the first place. Every moment that goes by and this report isn't public is like spitting on Andy Dunns grave!


@ Stupor Judge
That is the most idiotic statement I have heard on this whole debacle.

2cents's picture

I guess what bothers most people here is that if this were John Q public they would be in an orange jump suite “that night” and standing in front of a judge via closed circuit camera from the county jail at 9:00 AM the “next morning” explaining why they were passed out drunk in a fast food drive thru line!

When the law acts above the law is when the general public begins to loose respect for the positions held by those we not only expect to serve and protect us, but also pay hard earned tax dollars to these people that are expected to represent the better part of society as we know it today.

Just saying!

he said she said

Isn't is the practice of any investigation not to release any information until the investigation is done? If so, why would this investigation involving police be any different from Joe Blow doing something so stupid?

I believe it is public record, but until the investigators come to the close of the investigation, I don't think it should be released.

We have all already formed an opinion but think about if the information was released, some would want her taken to the county jail two weeks ago.

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The problem is, if this had been anyone but a public official, the investigation would take about 20 minutes - field sobriety test, then breathalyzer, then handcuffs.