Who would you hire as the Sandusky police chief?

Below are the seven finalists for Sandusky police chief. You can review their qualifications HERE and HERE.

Mark Anthony
24% (15 votes)
Terence Calloway
2% (1 vote)
Bryan Jarrell
2% (1 vote)
Brian Miller
2% (1 vote)
John Orzech
56% (35 votes)
Craig Stone
15% (9 votes)
Robert Ware
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 62


G George I du kno

Look at Stone's resume. Comes from a very large department, a good portion of his career was Internal Affairs, years of experience with accredidation, Masters Degree, and from Ohio. Everything SPD needs!


Couldn't agree more.


Orzech's name is only in the mix to keep people from yelling and screaming. How many Perkins Officers made it to the list...


I want to vote for the Pitbull, Officer Sean Orman

Darwin's choice

Matt Westerhold.

Cracked Cherry


Sit n Spin

My vote is for Pedro !

Woody Hayes

Kim Nuesse


The city wouldn't need a chief if The Sandusky Register, Asst. Chief Sams and His highness Kline hadn't run her out. Lots of time and $$$ wasted in a major cluster****.




Anthony is the best choice. The chief doesn't need to be from Ohio. Matter of fact, it might be better if he wasn't.


pick me! i need a job. tired of sitting around doing nothing and getting $$$ put into my account from the state.




Steven Seagal, Clint Eastwood, Crocidile Dundee, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Arnold, ETC...... TEAMWORK---TERMINATE !!!!!


How is anyone even voting for orzech? That department has been a mess for years now. What has he done internally to rectify any of the problems? I don't know how candidates trying to earn an associates degree are even being considered against someone with a masters and large department internal affairs experience.


No one is more personally & professionally vested in this department on the list than John Orzech. He has a true passion for seeing the SPD be the best it can be.


If this is the case, please explain the increasing number of officers with disciplinary problems since he was promoted to Asst. Chief, hmm? Having a a passion for the department and being an effective leader are two entirely different things.


One thing is for sure. With all the bumbling, rumbling and stumpling Sandusky's government has done in the past, don't look for the most experienced, educated and common sense candidate to be chosen.

Watching my favorite comedy channel the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, I don't have confidence the City Manager, based on her inactions, has the fortitude and leadership qualities to make the right choice for Sandusky.


I find it hard to believe that with all the grumbling about the good 'ol boy network in the PD that the majority of people want Orzech as chief. While I have nothing against John personally, he is a good cop, I see two problems. If you want to clean up the department, you need to bring in an outsider to do it. Hiring a chief that is part of the command at the PD while all the problems with the department are going on isn't the best course of action. Many times a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective are just what a department needs to get things on track. Finally, if you look at the qualifications of the other 6 candidates, Orzech may have nearly the same amount of experience as a cop as the others, but he is woefully undereducated when compared to his peers. All of the other candidates already have degrees, John only started back to school for an associates degree recently in order to try to qualify for the job. Most of the candidates have a bachelors or masters degree and experience a chief. When put head to head with the other candidates and looked at objectively, John would rank in the bottom tier of the candidates. But hey, he has a good shot because Ohio doesn't really value education, hence the reason most college graduates flee the state after graduation.


All look well qualified, but John Orzech knows the city, has a good working relationship with other department heads, and is a straight laced guy. I believe the city cannot go wrong with him.

Lisa Wobser

Nothing truly motivates me more when someone who is working on what they love and Mr.Orzech LOVES his job and the community, It really is infectious.
Some people, when making career plans, ask themselves what they are good at?. However, I like to point out that all the talents, skills and strengths are not the main key issues, Even if it's relevant... Rather, what is important is what inspires persistence and determination! and Mr. John Orzech has it. GOOD LUCK!!

G George I du kno

Orzech is a great person and has a lot invested in this department but not the best qualified from this list. They need change and maybe some more of the good old boys will get pushed out the door and some of their problems will get fixed!


John Orzech is not a good choice. There is a time for change and that time is now. Sandusky police dept. and the city needs to head in a new direction and I feel that anyone within is not going to bring new life to the city. John is a great guy, but not the best choice in this time of opportunity. Officer Anthony and Stone would be my first to looks before hiring within.


Orzech has the bare mininimum requirements. I would choose Stone, Jerrell, or Calloway. Stone and Calloway have resumes stuffed full of experience, education, and credentials. They are both both certified and have come from bigger cities that provided continuous training. They have been involved in the community and gang activity.