Perkins police on Tuesday nabbed a father and son who worked in tandem to transport drugs.
2:30 PM Mar 1, 2012
The new owner of Maui Sands won't have the water park up and running for summer visitors, but he will have 136 rooms available at a great price.
9:00 AM Mar 1, 2012
Q: Is there any zoning laws in effect to regulate the placement on political signs? I have noticed several large campaign signs placed at intersections that are obstructing the line of sight for drivers to see oncoming traffic. I have notice this in both the city as well as Perkins Township. - Dave In Perkins
12:00 PM Feb 29, 2012
Area aerospace leaders had Perkins firefighters tied up with training at a unique site this week.
8:15 PM Feb 26, 2012
Perkins police responded to fewer calls in 2011 than the year prior - a 30 percent drop, in fact - and police Chief Ken Klamar says he's trying figure out why.
10:29 AM Feb 22, 2012
Erie County leaders are charging forward to create an indoor multi-purpose sports complex.
1:22 PM Feb 20, 2012
Perkins Township trustees are mum about why they fired a longtime highway department employee. The ousted worker, meanwhile, is lashing out at trustees, calling their decision to terminate him an atrocity and a gross oversight.
5:14 PM Feb 16, 2012
Perkins police are giving people an opportunity to drop off unneeded pills and prescriptions, no questions asked.
3:39 PM Feb 16, 2012
NASA Plum Brook is in line for $22 million, but only if federal legislators approve the parent agency's request for $17.7 billion.
11:30 AM Feb 15, 2012
Perkins Township trustees and former police chief-turned-convict Tim McClung have reached an agreement on money the two sides owe each other.
10:19 AM Feb 15, 2012


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