10:00 AM Jul 31, 2014
Police say Target employee pilfered from drawers
4:45 PM Aug 1, 2014
Perkins installing special material to protect children playing in township parks
9:20 PM Jul 30, 2014
Trustees asking township residents to raise property taxes strictly for road repairs
4:35 PM Jul 30, 2014
No effect on safety services, firefighters said.
5:15 PM Jul 30, 2014
Cleveland-area couple tried to take more than $2,400 worth of apparel from Macy's
3:15 PM Jul 30, 2014
Mount Vernon man allegedly stole vehicle and drove to Perkins with company credit card and equipment
11:30 AM Jul 29, 2014
Meeting Wednesday to consider putting levy on November ballot
1:45 PM Jul 30, 2014
Students from China explored Sandusky, islands
9:01 AM Jul 26, 2014
Group allegedly grabbed cash from woman's purse; had fake ID machine in van
10:00 AM Jul 25, 2014
Encounter between young teen and 6-year-old boy
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