For the first time, Erie County could soon have a fully functional regional dispatching system.
9:00 AM Apr 9, 2012
Erie County's townships saw a 17 percent jump in serious crimes last year, including burglaries and felonious assault.
1:00 PM Apr 7, 2012
A tearful Michigan man offered to let Perkins police smoke his marijuana stash Sunday if they promised to let him go.
3:07 PM Apr 3, 2012
The mother and father of two former Perkins students are suing the school district, alleging administrators did nothing to stop years of bullying at the hands of classmates.
9:33 AM Mar 28, 2012
A Vickery man was injured when his car slammed into an airborne turkey buzzard Thursday morning on Patten Tract Road.
12:34 PM Mar 25, 2012
Local police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders got a chance to check out a new piece of crime-fighting technology at Thursday's Erie County police chiefs meeting.
2:36 AM Mar 24, 2012
State transportation officials are seeking public input on improvements planned for Milan Road intersections at Perkins Avenue and Strub Road.
10:41 AM Mar 21, 2012
Cameron Crum worries a driver could strike - or even kill - a defenseless pedestrian every time a person drives down Birchwood Drive at night time.
5:00 AM Mar 15, 2012
(UPDATED 9:15 p.m.) Unofficial results show Sigsworth bests Majoy.
12:44 PM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 9:19 p.m.) Unofficial results show Ferrell has defeated Terry.
9:19 PM Mar 6, 2012


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