One Erie County commissioner's race will remain a four-way melee.
3:41 PM Aug 31, 2012
One down, three to go.
1:43 PM Aug 27, 2012
Erie County Fair organizers' jubilation with this year's attendance figures likely rivals a child's excitement after winning a massive prize at the almost- impossible ring-toss game.
9:01 AM Aug 20, 2012
The Erie County Dog Pound has these dogs available for adoption:
2:00 PM Aug 17, 2012
Q: Would you know what the name of the business that is behind Outback Steakhouse? Used to be a old carpet store, Thanks - Sean from Hayes Ave
1:07 PM Aug 14, 2012
A teenager suffered a serious head injury after being assaulted Friday night at the Erie County Fair, according to reports from the Erie County Sheriff's Office.
3:00 PM Aug 13, 2012
Since 2009, no Erie County road saw more automobile crashes than Milan Road, according to a recently released report by the county's regional planning commission.
10:12 AM Aug 13, 2012
One of the best features of a demolition derby is you don't have to know a lot of rules to follow the action.
5:00 AM Aug 12, 2012
NASA scientists marked Monday morning's monumental Mars landing with unbridled enthusiasm, as the Curiosity rover touched down on the uncharted red planet.
5:00 AM Aug 11, 2012
Papa John's is back in Sandusky.
3:07 PM Aug 10, 2012


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