7:07 AM Jan 15, 2011
Erie County has trimmed $6.6 million out of its 2011 budget. The 144 county entities receiving funds this year will work with 5.6 percent less than what they had last year. The county's working with $111 million in its budget, according to figures compiled by Pete Daniel, the county's finance director. While employees will avoid furloughs and departmental cuts this year, reducing expenses and staying cost-conscious is essential for this government to fully function, said county commissioner Pat Shenigo. "We finally turned the corner on being fiscally responsible to the taxpayer and we're hopeful we will start whittling down this $130 million debt," he said. "We will monitor every penny that goes through this board."
9:40 AM Jan 14, 2011
The Perkins school board voted to implement unilaterally its "last best offer" of a contract for classified employees on Feb. 1 if the union does not accept it by that date.
10:08 PM Jan 13, 2011
The Erie County Dog Pound has these dogs available for adoption: Gracie - Female German shepherd mix, 10 months old. Playful, easy to train and even easier to love. Available at 7:30 a.m. Friday. Grady - Male miniature pinscher, 2 years old. Active, loves everyone. Available at 8:44 a.m. Friday.
3:24 PM Jan 13, 2011
A sore Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons, 57, was released from the Firelands Regional Medical Center on Thursday morning, following Wednesday's head-on collision with a Sandusky Register van.
9:28 AM Jan 11, 2011
Kalahari Resort announced a $22 million expansion Monday, saying it will double the size of its convention center and add 141 permanent jobs.With the addition announced Monday, Kalahari will have added $175 million in expansions since opening in 2005, Nelson said.
5:40 PM Jan 11, 2011
An Erie County jail corrections officer resigned Monday amid allegations she had an intimate relationship with a former inmate. Sheriff Terry Lyons said he put officer Tara Pearson, 34, of Sandusky on paid leave Jan. 5 for lying during questioning about her misconduct with former inmate Brian Mead.
4:39 PM Jan 10, 2011
A Erie County Sheriff's supervisor has been given a five-day suspension after he failed to respond to a rape case. Lt. John Longbrake, a 29-year veteran, has filed a grievance fighting the unpaid suspension, scheduled to be served from 10 p.m. Sunday until 6 a.m. Friday.
7:07 AM Jan 9, 2011
Mary Anne Ehrhardt used to make almost a six-hour round trip to West Virginia for a shot at winning some cash. Aside from fuel costs, she had to shell out money for a hotel room and food before dropping her first quarter into a slot machine.
8:07 AM Jan 8, 2011
The man who killed himself Thursday evening in a Lowe's parking lot shed spent his last day planning his funeral.
7:07 AM Jan 8, 2011
Auditor-elect Rick Jeffrey spent more money than any other Erie County candidate during the last election.
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