5:40 PM Jan 11, 2011
An Erie County jail corrections officer resigned Monday amid allegations she had an intimate relationship with a former inmate. Sheriff Terry Lyons said he put officer Tara Pearson, 34, of Sandusky on paid leave Jan. 5 for lying during questioning about her misconduct with former inmate Brian Mead.
4:39 PM Jan 10, 2011
A Erie County Sheriff's supervisor has been given a five-day suspension after he failed to respond to a rape case. Lt. John Longbrake, a 29-year veteran, has filed a grievance fighting the unpaid suspension, scheduled to be served from 10 p.m. Sunday until 6 a.m. Friday.
7:07 AM Jan 9, 2011
Mary Anne Ehrhardt used to make almost a six-hour round trip to West Virginia for a shot at winning some cash. Aside from fuel costs, she had to shell out money for a hotel room and food before dropping her first quarter into a slot machine.
8:07 AM Jan 8, 2011
The man who killed himself Thursday evening in a Lowe's parking lot shed spent his last day planning his funeral.
7:07 AM Jan 8, 2011
Auditor-elect Rick Jeffrey spent more money than any other Erie County candidate during the last election.
4:29 AM Jan 9, 2011
(UPDATED WITH NAME, SUICIDE NOTE INFO) A man died, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot, in a display shed in front of the Lowe's home-improvement store in Perkins Township, police said this morning.
5:07 AM Jan 6, 2011
The Woodlawn Avenue bridge project is several months behind schedule.
6:07 AM Jan 4, 2011
Recycling bins at the Erie County Services Center, located at 2900 Columbus Ave., overflowed each of the past two holiday weekends, forcing people to dump materials on the ground. Sandusky Steel pulls the bins, but because of Christmas and New Year's Day falling on Saturday people had extra days to stuff the bins without an additional scheduled pickup by Sandusky Steel.
8:07 AM Jan 1, 2011
Cell phone carriers AT&T, Verizon and Revol have nearly completed the installation of technology needed for Erie County's wireless 911 service. When testing is complete, Erie County's emergency dispatchers will be able to pinpoint the location of any Verizon, Revol and AT&T customers who dial 911 from their cell phone.
2:07 PM Jan 1, 2011
Taxpayers shell out $150,000 every day county office buildings close for bad weather, said Pete Daniel, Erie County finance director. The cost covers one paid day for employees along with overtime funds for workers in 24-hour facilities such as the Erie County Care Facility and Erie County Sheriff's Office.
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