A two-month investigation concluded Waters knew about but failed to stop a “sexualized culture”
3:42 PM Aug 7, 2014
"There is a gentleman walking around with a gun in the store. ... He’s, like, pointing it at people”
10:39 AM Aug 7, 2014
A legislative committee is getting updates on complaints facing the private food vendor that won the contract to feed Ohio inmates.
4:41 PM Jul 28, 2014
Authorities said an Ohio woman has been charged with assaulting a police officer who was pricked by a used drug needle during a search.
11:40 AM Jul 28, 2014
A central Ohio shopping mall was open as usual Saturday, a day after gunfire police blamed on a gang clash wounded two people and sent shoppers scrambling.
10:37 AM Jul 28, 2014
Four people have been indicted in a string of 19 armed robberies reported in the Cleveland area between May 2013 and March 2014, officials said.
11:15 PM Jun 24, 2014
A couple in suburban Cleveland had to jump from a secondfloor window to escape an early morning house fire.
9:14 PM Jun 24, 2014
Police in southwest Ohio said a man suspected of fatally shooting his 29-year-old daughter and a 41-year-old man was booked into jail on charges of murder and obstructing official business.
7:57 PM Jun 20, 2014
Akron police in northeast Ohio say at least five heroin overdose deaths in the past two weeks may have been caused by a bad batch of drugs.
4:20 PM Jun 20, 2014
A suburban Cleveland man says police violated his First Amendment rights of free speech when they cited him for holding a sign warning motorists to turn if they wanted to avoid a police DUI checkpoint.
1:18 PM Jun 20, 2014
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