RUSSELL K. RAMSEY - 1878-1932

Sep 4, 2015


The remains of Russell K. Ramsey will be consecrated in a service Sept. 5, 2007, in Grace Episcopal Church and put into the Columbarium.

Russell was a born in 1878 and passed away in 1932. He was a prominent attorney in Sandusky from 1900-31. He ran the Liberty Bonds Sales Program to support World War I and was senior warden of the vestry at Grace Episcopal Church. He was an officer in the Erie County Chamber of Commerce and he built and occupied the home at 1311 Columbus Ave. His son, Major Gen.l Russell A. Ramsey, also practiced law in Sandusky for many years and is already buried in the Columbarium.

Arrangements to exhume, cremate and transfer the remains from Oakland Cemetery to Grace Episcopal Church were carried out by Dr. Russell W. Ramsey, his grandson and Sandusky native.

Close friends and family are cordially invited to contact Grace Episcopal Church at 419-625-6969 for time and service information. Russell W. and his wife, Roberta, welcome all who wish to pay their respects.