1:33 PM Jul 19, 2014
Interviews will be conducted this month
8:45 PM Jul 3, 2014
Assistant super Goodsite, former Huron leader Fox among applicants
12:00 PM Jun 11, 2014
Norwalk High School class is hosting its 20th reunion Aug. 9
5:05 PM Jun 10, 2014
Seniors truck through another class
11:40 AM May 26, 2014
4 candidates remain hopeful for position with Norwalk Schools
5:09 AM May 19, 2014
“I’m going to miss the interaction with our teachers and students. That’s the fun part of the job. We’ve got a very strong staff. They are just outstanding teachers and people”
10:55 PM May 7, 2014
A Norwalk Schools victory Tuesday snapped the most longstanding school levy drought in the four-county area
11:15 AM May 4, 2014
Seven apply for the schools position
7:15 PM Mar 26, 2014
The team placed first in the North Point Educational Service Center’s Huron County Academic Contest