Norwalk Schools is hosting new student orientation Feb. 10 for its Adult Basic and Literacy Program, also known as ABLE.
District moves ahead with ‘five for five’ levy plan
Board to officially place levy on ballot next week.
“We don’t need a Band-Aid. We need a cure”
District staff repaired damage in 8-10 hours, allowing school to reopen Thursday
Norwalk Schools administrators are facing their biggest test to date: securing enough funding to keep the district financially afloat.
Kenneth France departs at end of month, after 13 years with district.
Facing cuts of up to $1 million, administrators at Norwalk Schools have called an urgent community meeting for next month at Fisher-Titus Medical Center to discuss the district’s troubled finances.
Paperwork to formally withdraw has yet to be filled out.
Norwalk Schools teachers and non-teaching employees recently agreed to no base salary increases for their fourth year in a row.