3:08 PM Mar 24, 2014

It won't be long before birds everywhere will be raising their young.

3:29 PM Mar 20, 2014
“People who target and solicit the elderly are no different than predators who molest children”
11:51 AM Mar 16, 2014
“If just 10 companies, or individuals would pledge $10,000 each year to our cause, we could make it. Right now, the only two companies that are doing that are in the Cleveland area”
6:36 PM Mar 15, 2014
Wildlife center cares for birds during rough winter
5:16 PM Mar 11, 2014
Bellevue Fish and Loaves kicked off its Feinstein Challenge, in which Allan Shawn Feinstein will match dollar-for-dollar — and can-for-dollar — all items donated.
6:59 PM Mar 8, 2014
The Volunteer Center of Erie County will hold a purse auction fundraiser Friday, with each purse containing a valuable prize.
7:51 AM Mar 4, 2014
Changing demographics in Sandusky have made fundraising a challenge, United Way officials said.
1:21 PM Feb 21, 2014
“She has been an important part of the group and always has a smile on her face,” Frank said. “Camille is always willing to help in whatever capacity is asked of her”
2:28 PM Feb 19, 2014
Tax assistance is offered to individuals who earn less than $60,000 and households earning less than $90,000.
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