Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. PERKINS TWP. POLICE THURSDAY, NOV. 3 1:07 a.m. - 2800 block Merriweather Road, woman and boyfriend kicked daughter's black friend out of house, "told her they didn't like ‘her kind' coming into their house,' after two other black teen boys came over. Parents said they weren't racists but didn't want their daughter dating African Americans. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



why would the police be called for this? Was there a fight of some sort? Or were the parents afraid of trouble for saying such a horrible thing. Especially to kids!!




What a sad commentary on American society.  We still have a long, long way to go in regard to racial matters.  We all bleed the same blood.  My children are biracial, gorgeous, intelligent and doing much better in life than most of their 'white' cohorts.  Two were National Merit finalists, the three girls all graduated from college Suma Cum Laude and the two boys graduated Cum Laude.  Maybe it is because they felt they needed to try harder.



They have rights just like you.........................


They might not have used the correct verbage to suit most, but from what I am reading she had a black female friend over then 2 black males come over and the report was at 1:07am. I can understand why the mother and boyfriend are upset. Futhermore statistics state that 1 out of every 10 black person is in prison. Thus raising concern when 3 are in your home at 1 in the morning. There is always another route to take, if the daughter doesn't like the rules of the house, maybe she should go move in with her friends and see how their parents accept a white person in their home at 1am.


Here we go.  "My children are bi-racial,.....I am this, they are that, blah, Blah, BLAH."  Here is a tip for everyone.  I am very bi-racial.  In fact, it is impossible to know what people from what countries and total anthropology are involved in my lineage.  There could be some "horse thieves" in that mix.  Who knows?  Who CARES?  It is all about how YOU treat others.  It is all about the individual DECISIONS and CHOICE of each person.  If this is such a shock to you, then you might ask a few liberal UAW members (black and white) about their HATE, VITRIOL and BLAME of those EVIL Japanese.  Can't park any foreign built cars at the old NDH or Ford plants?  So, how is that working out for you LOSERS?  How is that Victory Honda dealership at Hayes and Perkins working out?  Ha! Ha!  Guess what?  The Sandusky Register has been complicit to these racist rants for DECADES!  Check out their archives from the last 50 years!  Can't use the "N" word, but everyone else is fair game?  So, this idiotic demonstration by two moronic, half-wit adults is detestable, BUT it is perfectly acceptable to do the exact same thing against Asians?  Really?  Then which race is NEXT?  Come on, that train is NEVER late!  "Monkey see, monkey do?  OK for US, but NOT for YOU?"  It is a sad "commentary" alright.  It should be about ALL racism, NOT selective racism or the terrible and poor treatment of ONE special race.  If YOU can NOT be respectful and considerate of others, then keep your pie hole SHUT!  You decide who you want to marry or allow into your homes.  I have told people and helped them leave my business and home when they begin to exhibit disrespectful or hate conduct no matter WHO they are or what RACE they are.  Don't like it?  File a grievance or join the KKK or any number of HATE groups.  You will be right at HOME.     


Well, Taxpayer, with some of your comments, I agree, in other I take exception. 

If we want racism to stop we need to stop pointing out differences at every turn of the corner.  How can differences be put aside when constant attention is being drawn to them?  They can't. 

I do agree with the hypocricy of the foreign car parking at the Ford plant and elsewhere.  If ignorance was bliss many of those workers out there should be the happiest people on the planet.  The union should not have the right to tell anyone who can and cannot park were they please.  Truthfully, if it were me, I would be screaming for my civil rights. I truly do not see how that can be legal. 

I also agree about respect.  But the funny thing about respect is, it is earned, not demanded.  You have to earn it through deeds and actions not because you think you have earned it. Respect is a funny thing. 

Many feel that because their heritage was shadowed with violence and injustice, they deserve the benefits.  NOT TRUE.  Those who suffered those injustices do deserve it, not their ancestors. 

So when you have earned it for yourself, then I will give it.  (not saying you in particular because I don't know you personally). 

As for these people in this article, they are just ignorant.  Maybe they should be set into a room and forced to watch "Guess Whose Coming to Dinner".  Perhaps they would learn something.  I know I did.  And it pretty much explains my point of view to a T. 



Phil Packer

Was the daughter dating the black girl? You lost me...


If this were in my home, I would not have sent the friend home because of her color, even if that is part of the reason why, I would have sent them home because of the TIME. Then, if I did not want my daughter dating an African American, I would discuss it with her. In the privacy of my own home, I would not blast it out so the whole neighborhood could hear. Now they are going to have all kinds of trouble, and I would bet they will have to put their child in another school and have to move. Calling the police, and having it put in the paper was the worst thing they could have done. They should keep their beliefs of biracial couples to themselves, in the privacy of their own home. Any trouble they get now, I would have to say they brought it upon themselves.


And then you have this newspaper that likes to create controversy so they post it in a blog to make sure everyone knows it. I swear this paper loves to fuel the fire on the racial tensions around here.


 I agree with Cracker, 1000% !


  This story is a good study in politics.

  We were led around by the nose here, getting caught up in minor issues while ignoring the big issue. The focus of this story should be the waste of our police dept's time. There is no law broken here, unless there's a curfew. What was the reason for the call?  We don't give that any thought, we want to punish those racist white folk who are backward and probably playing banjos and drinking moonshine. That's what we are focused on. We sure are played easily.

  Just wait until the political races get going, we'll be flying off the hinges with a new scandal each week. We'll forget all about jobs and our grandchildren's debt.