Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE TUESDAY, AUG. 30 8:43 p.m. - 1300 block Prospect St., witnesses said man threatened to punch woman in head. The woman put the baby down, got on ground and covered up. The man picked up the baby put it in the street. The woman told police she was scared but nothing happened and didn't want to pursue charges or a protection order. She said the man thought she was cheating on him. Police found open warrants on man; Trae Hunter, 19, 1200 block Buchanan St., domestic violence, assault, endangering child. . For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



What??? The man picked the baby up and put it in the street?? At 8:43 it is dark. What if a car came along?? This man needs to have charges filed against him for child endangering or something. Who cares if the woman wants to press charges. Someone needs to do it!!


OMG....put this guy in jail for child endangerment. Who gives a flying leap if she wants to press charges or not.  This guy sounds like a menace and shouldn't be allowed to be around this kid again.  What comes next, he holds the child out the window to get her attention: from the second floor? 

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has the brains to think past the moment at hand.  You just arrested a women for leaving her disabled child in a room alone at a resort in Sandusky, and pressed charges for child endangerment, but you let this idiot put a kid in the street and let him go?  What is wrong with you?  

Mama of 4

Not defending him at all but it says in the last sentence that he got charged with domestic violence, child endangerment and assult. With those kind of charges if the victim doesnt want to press charges then the police will still arrest him for it and the state will pick up the charges. So most likely he will be in jail for a while for being so stupid! Good thing! He needs to be and hopefully get supervised visits with the child from now on if any at all!


I'm wondering if she has tried to get help before?  The reality of the situation is that children truly have no rights and quite frankly, until they are seriously hurt no one in the court will do anything. If she has tried in the past to get help, only to find out that the help wasn't really there, perhaps she was simply doing what she needed to do to protect her child as well as she could from this man. If she leaves him, he WILL get visitation. It MIGHT be supervised for a brief time, but that won't last long .... then he WILL be allowed to take the child with NO supervision. If that child was mine, I would not press charges on him either, nor would I file for a PO because none of that will protect the child. It will only enrage this man and who do you think will pay the price? Furthermore, he has to agree to the PO anyway. Our system needs serious help, it is terribly broken. I know a mother right now that is forced to hand over her young child to a father that was charged with domestic violence as well as child endangering and that is JUSt the charges he racked up while with her. By the way ..... they won't take his visitation away from him ..... after all, he has RIGHTS .... unlike the woman and child.

Mama of 4

Actually if this is his second or more domestic ahrge he will be sentenced to a mandatory 30 days. And getting a PO and charging him will at least show him that she will stand up for himself. Not charging him is tellign him she will take whatever he gives her. And if he will come to her with or without a PO Then ger one for the fact that when he come over with it in place he will go to jail for violating it. Sooner of later he will get tired of going to the jail for be ignorant. This comes from experience.