Our pick of the day from the area police roundup: PERKINS TOWNSHIP POLICE MONDAY, JUNE 6 7:50 p.m. - 1100 block W. Bogart Road, mother and her 16-year-old daughter yelling and slapping at each other; mother charged with domestic violence and CPO violation, daughter charged with domestic violence. Check out the full blotter in today's Register or in the e-paper.


Raoul Duke

Our pick of the day? Maybe you're spending too much time reading the comments.


This happens in Sandusky everyday at every home!!!


 Cowboy..This does NOT happen, in my home !!! I have a son. lol



A classic example of a parent who believes their child has crossed the line and decides, " I'll teach her a lesson, I'll slap her across the face.  That's what some of these kids need today!"  Research shows that children who are struck by their parents are far more likely to become hitters when they grow up.  Hitting a child as a means of disciplining them does very little to teach them how to behave.  When an adult strikes another person, we call it assault, or domestic violence, and it's considered a crime.  When a parent strikes a child, we call it "discipline."  Absolute nonsense!


Of course "NO CHARGES"

Perkins Police do not get involved with civil issues,,,that is why people are dying out there or in the hospital fighting for their lives.  And that is why we have doubled the need for foster care for children.

Sandusky Police when I read are a bit more strict and usually file charges....but not by much.

Filing charges and siting these people even the kids can start teaching them a lesson that violence is NOT the solution.  They can always fight it out in court.

Starting citing these people and lunatics and force them to get help.....I see too many kids with bruises in this town, and it is not from falling down...

Thanks SR for starting to look at a major problem in this town...now move it up.....when safe harbor tries to talk people out of filing for protection orders in Juvi court and what these magistrates are doing when people do try to get them from these lunatics.

I just think every is too lazy and does not want to get involved.....too bad society turn the cheek to this, there are a few kids I know that shoudl be taken awy from their parents immediately , all they are in a welfare check  to them and food stamps.


This little line from the Police Blotter, has it's own article??? Really???  Wow, we are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for news now arent we?! what rivoting jornalism this is!!! I can see now why the SR was voted the "best" newspaper...WOW!


I will say though, those Perkins Twsp. Cruisers are pretty sweet!!