Sandusky Police
Monday, April 8, 2013 - 1:52pm
Olds Street at the tracks, two gloved men walked down tracks; railroad employee suspected they might have been involved in scrap metal theft. They denied it, said they were searching for loose bull dog.



wow !!!! this is definitely big news !!


They called the police because two men were walking around wearing gloves? Were they in a restricted area? Was it not cold out and there was no reason to have gloves on? These calls are getting to be to much and I think the police need to start charging for stupidness! They'd get the city in under budget in no time flat!!


Answers to candleburners questions:
- being in the railroad right of way is trespassing unless the railroad has given you permission, so Yes these two were in a restricted area.
- the temperatures on Monday were in the 60's, so No it was not cold out. A reason to wear gloves would be to protect your hands from injury while carrying heavy or sharp objects, like dirty scrap metal railroad rails, etc.