Sandusky police
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 4:32am
Don't come back: 900 block E. Farwell St., woman punched man who “was not paying any bills, eating her food and acting rude and disrespectful.” She threw him from house; he wanted charges. Police told him to come back when he was sober.



Good for her! :) I would have kicked his butt to the curb too!

Colonel Angus

Now imagine if it was a man that punched a woman.

tell it how it is

Good point. I hate that. I'm a woman, and I've grown up knowing if I hit a guy he WILL hit me back. Like he Should. Then you get the whiny little girls who beat the crap out of a guy and the moment the guy gives her a little push, it's all tears.


Hey tell it how it you grew up with an older brother too? Lol






Sounds like he was riding b-i-t-c-h . ; )))))


My wife at the time attacked me and I fought back. She called the cops and I spent a night in jail even though I had visible marks on my face, arms and yes, crotch. The next time she did that, I didn't do anything to defend myself with all the markings in the same body parts and after she was done, I called the cops. She picked a bad day to do that as it was Fourth of July weekend and she had to sit there for four days and nights. She never did that again.

Whomever calls the cops first, "usually" gets to stay home. The cops told me that if a domestic is called in, "someone" has to go to jail. Evidently, Sandtown doesn't follow the same law.


Funny how no-one cares to even discuss females physically abusing males.

To any male out there that this happens to, don't fight back and call the cops immediately. Yeah, ya might feel like a puss, but it's better than going to jail and having a domestic charge on your record.


Another thing that gets me. The cops sent a drunk out to walk the streets until he sobered up? WTF?