Sandusky police
Monday, March 18, 2013 - 1:08pm
600 block McDonough St., man let 5-pound dog out to do its business, 50-pound pit bull squirmed through door and attacked small dog. Witnesses said small dog “was killed fairly quickly.” Pit bull owner not sure if she wanted dog put down. Katrina Blake, 20, 600 block McDonough St., no dog tags.



more of those sweet loving pit bulls..

tell it how it is

Go away. It was a 5 pound dog. Big dog probably thought it was a cat to play w and its used to playing with animals so small.

tell it how it is

I'm NOT saying it was ok for the dog to attack to the small one, just to clarify! Just that don't jump to conclusions and certainly don't assume it's because it's a pit. It could have been any big dog. And it may not have actually "attacked". So look at other options before you decide it's just a vicious dog

But, I do feel very bad for the small dog and its owner. Yes, the pit does need to be down if it was an actual aggressive attack.

Colonel Angus

Just curious, what would you consider to be "an actual aggressive attack"?

tell it how it is

The dog seeing the animal and going after it looking to cause harm.

When I read it was a 5 lb dog, I immediately thought of a cat or squirrel. It may have been trying to play. BUT it's still not ok. The pit should have been better retained in its own area and restrained/watched. Yes, it needs to be put down because of what it did.

Colonel Angus

I agree that the dog needs to be put down. I think that you'll agree that we should be thankful that the owner of the unlicensed pit bull did not have an 8lb infant that the dog may have been trying to play with.

tell it how it is

Yes we should. I just feel bad that another dog was not properly raised and trained, and it (along with another dog) has to suffer for it. I only commented because of the breed comment. It has nothing to do with breed. I had a black lab probably much larger that could have done even more damage, but it was properly trained and watched so it wouldn't have. It's all about how the dog is treated.

Colonel Angus

I couldn't agree more. It is the responsibility of the owner to properly raise, train and care for the animal. Owing a breed such as a pit bull, Rottweiler, chow, etc. requires it even more. However, it is apparent that many owners are not taking that responsibility seriously and the animals are paying the price. In the end it comes down to the dedication of the owner and their willingness to make the sacrifices required to own a dog. As much as someone may love an animal, without proper training, adequate and secure surroundings, veterinary care, nutrition and licensure, they are doing the dog a disservice. Unfortunately, we have again seen the results of an inattentive owner.


The owner may not be sure, but I am: The dog needs to be put down. Any vicious attack is likely to be repeated, and is even more so when an obviously irresponsible owner is involved! Or would she care to wait until the dog goes after a CHILD?


Here we go again.


I hear ya!! Another irresponsible "dog owner" that is too lazy and entitled to buy tags like the rest of us...gotta go puke!


If this said dog attacked your "little" child, would you say that it was out of nature? I do not think so.