Fremont Police
Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 3:25am
1500 block W. State St., fight outside barn amid crowd of 100 people. With limited manpower, officers arrested five, filed charges on two others, used large can of OC to disperse crowd. Two other people charged later came to police station, got into fight. Jordan Jones, 21, 500 block Jackson St., failure to disperse, resisting arrest. Jeffery Davis, 36, 600 block Grant St., failure to disperse, bench warrant. Octavia McKinstry, 21, 300 block Cedar St., disorderly conduct. Katelynn Lombardo, 22, 500 block Jackson St., Fremont, disorderly conduct. Lee McKinstry, 38, 800 block Fennimore St., failure to disperse. Antonio Jones, 36, 700 block Garrison St., failure to disperse. Allen Sansom, 29, 500 block Oaklawn Ave., failure to disperse.


Simple Enough II

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