Perkins Police
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 6:23pm
500 block W. Perkins Ave., vehicle parked in fire lane in front of grocery store blocked traffic. After several cars honked their horns police pulled up and sounded air horn; vehicle still didn’t move. Officers tried to talk to driver, but she rolled window up. When her son jumped in car she drove off; police and deputies along with help from citizens blocked vehicle in parking lot. Sherri Pridemore, 37, 1200 block Harding Ave., endangering children, failure to comply with order of peace officer.



Maybe Sherry thinks she is one hot momma, and has the right to park in the fire lane! :)


Wish they would park a cruiser in front of Kroger and ticket all the lazy A** people who need to park and wait in front of the door. The parking lot is laid out horribly to begin with and then add the lazy pajama wearing trailer park trash that think the front door is their parking spot.


It's me. Couldn't agree more. I don't know the times I have had to walk around a car parked there or had to squeeze by one parked at the corner. It's to bad that the stores can't control the issue. I believe if they are caught they can get a hefty fine.


Just run your cart into their vehicle and say " Ooops , my bad " ; ))))


Sherri should take more pride in setting a good example for her kids.

Hoss McGee

Isn't she the one that punched her son in the stomach the day before?


Kroger should let PPD install a camera much like the ones used at intersections. It could record license plate numbers of vehicles that park in the fire lane and send tickets to them. Wouldn't even need a police officer on site.

@It's me...why do you say the parking lot is laid out horribly and how would you improve it? I agree that sometimes it is very difficult to get around the corner nearest the trailer park.


The entrance off Perkins ave is way to narrow, there's always the 80 year old lady who sits in the middle and no one can get in or out. The aisles are also very narrow, and over by the trailer park barely 1 car can go through, then add the idiots who park on the side to wait for people. Also I think the reason so many people sit by the door and wait is because 90% of the parking spaces aren't near the door since the entrance is at the end of the building, it's just laid out weired.


Good points. I primarily use the Campbell St entrance so I hadn't thought about the other entrances being narrow. I know it can be difficult to turn left onto Perkins from those entrances.


This post got it exactly right! I have had cars park directly in front of the entrance loading a cart full if groceries. Then yell at me when I tell them it is not a parking place. I hope Kroger reads these comments and works on fixing them during the remodel.


I wish that there was a grocery store that refused to accept food stamps. That would be the only store I ever stepped foot into. The entitlement people are the people that do as they please because they are animals. Yes I'm serious, no I don't care how that makes me sound. Half the people I see at Krogers I want to assault.


Well why don't you go ahead and open up your Klan based store and then people like me that are disabled and wish they didn't have to use EBT because I would quite frankly love to be able to go back to work and have a pay check to buy my food that way. But I worked for many years - and most of the time I was working 2 jobs at a time - paying into the system and now I'm paying the price with my disability and we have to put up with ignorant people like you!! Yeah there are people that abuse the system but not everyone out there on food stamps and welfare are. I have seen people in sitting in their cars in the handicap parking places taking up a place that I need and they don't have a handicap placard but if I say anything they yell at me that they've got someone in the store and will only be a few minutes and to mind my own business and some times I have to park in a regular space quite a ways away from the store. I hope Krogers remodels the parking places too. I agree it's a mess




"Disabled" lol hmmmmm

The Hamburglar

Would the "Klan based store" you suggest only stock white wine? Would they sell colored TV's?

Hoss McGee

Would they sell raisins?