Sandusky Police
Monday, February 18, 2013 - 1:50pm
2000 block W. Forest Drive, woman sent father of child a picture of their son with his eyes and mouth covered with duct tape, father didn't think it was funny.



What about the teacher gettin punched out Sunday 1:33 am ?


By a student? Now you have me curious!






yeah , I'd call the police is with parents today!


In fairness, the dad did put a paper bag over the mothers head during conception.


in all fairness.........really


And to think that this age group will someday run our country. On the other hand there are many good responsible parents out there. I just hope that one of their offspring gets elected to office.


As far as my opinion the rate our youth is headed towards, there is no future for this country. If the youth of today had the chance to run this once great country, it would result in thugdom', and gangster enterprise. Some people don't want to take accountability for anything anymore. Some say, "Screw it...Let the state take care of it."...and the state will, and when it's not up to the standards of todays youth (meaning the state and taxpayers should take all the financial burden, and do all the footwork), they either claim prejudice, injustice, or, "My mommy didn't hug me enough." In short of this post, we, as law abiding, tax paying, and compassionate citizens, are screwed.


I think that is what they said in 1930's Chicago when all the junk was going on there, too.


I certainly hope the mother got arrested. What she did, even if joking, was child abuse. The child should be removed from her custody.