Sandusky Police
Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 9:21am
200 block Meigs St., police found scale in patrol room, didn't know if it belonged to officer or if it was evidence.


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chicken noodle

so, the cops called the cops??? Hmmmm..wonder if they used lights ans siren to geet there lol.


For a minute there I thought February 14th was April Fools Day.


I wonder if it was someone trying to tell the police that some of them needed to renew their New Year's resolutions?


What kind of scale was it? Was it a bathroom scale? Was is the kind dope is weighed on, accurate to the ounce? Was it maybe a scale from a fish? :):):)


I just couldn't wait to weigh in on this weighty matter.


Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds fishy to me!