Perkins Police
Monday, February 11, 2013 - 3:47pm
U.S. 250 and Fox Road, police stopped vehicle with dirty plates, spotted beer keg in truck bed, driver said keg was stolen but he didn't do it, police found crack pipe in passenger's boot, Thomas Spurlock, 49, 1300 block Shelby St., possession of crack cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia; Terry Houser, 57, 200 block Adams St., Castalia, receiving stolen property, (Budweiser beer keg).



Wtf?...uhm, yeah.

eddie albert

WoW, Now its illegal to have a dirty plate, In the winter no less. Nothing like living in a police state.


Just as with a burnt out licence plate bulb , if they can't see your plate they can pull you over to at least inform you that it is out , or visually obstructed . The rest in this case was just icing on the cake : )))


Was just going to say that Bluto but I'm curious as to how the guys would know the keg was stolen if they didn't do it! LOL!!! What a couple of dorks!!!


Wait, so why was the passenger frisked? n this Terry Houser is nothing but a two bit thief, that's how he lives. I couldn't tell you how many times this guys been arrested n in the papers for stolen stuff or stealing stuff. When's enough enough for the court systems to do something with this guy besides slapping him on the wrist. The last 20 + yrs this guys been nothing but bad news. If i knew how to pull up his local record I would post just to prove a point.......


lol yes, Terry C Houser...over 100 reports! n yet he gets little slaps on the hand..


spurlock is a P*nk I would love to hook up with him. He stole a weapon from me and held up a gas station. Tom anytime you want to defend your honor Im ready P*NK..