Sandusky Police
Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 5:07pm
400 block Venice Road, 17-year-old boy refused to listen to father, threw knife at door. Police ordered him out of room with hands in air; father didn’t want charges. Police lectured boy, threatened to jail him if it happened again.



This is where dad tells him , "There's the door , if you don't like my rules your welcome to go out and try it on your own ."


WOW, why bother calling the cops if you will NOT press charges? Oh thats right, because you can not handle parenting. Send his butt to jail for the night. Does anyone think this "lecture" and fingershaking is going to magically fix things? Next time it will probably be worse.


Maybe a neighbor called the police .


Never know, it could help. When I was 18 I tried sneaking my little brother out of the house to go to a friend's. My mom happened to be awake...she kicked me out for the night. I felt horrible for upsetting her, stayed up all night thinking how I could apologize. Anyways...I never tried it again & was always home for curfue after that too. Sometimes it only takes once for something to happen & then you realize you're really not that smart. But I never threw a knife at her either lol!


He probably just gave him a timeout in the corner.


17 is not too old for a spanking...


Yes, it is. How old are you? 11, maybe 12?


I like spankings...


There is not a 400 block Venice rd. maybe 4000 block as in 4012 Venice rd


What goes on in the trailer park should stay in the trailer park..sorry LMAO