Sandusky Police
Sunday, February 3, 2013 - 4:13pm
500 block W. Perkins Ave., police stopped car after driver urinated in grocery store parking lot, passenger told police they were picking up groceries for Super Bowl party, driver said "I'm not going to lie, I couldn't hold it anymore so I drove to the west side of the building near the trailer park and pissed," Michael Taylor, 37, operating vehicle intoxicated, (0.135 BAC), disorderly conduct, driving under suspension; Christina Sullivan, 33, 500 block Harrison St., wrongful entrustment.



Been there. Done that.


They do have restrooms in the stores these days , but there's something about letting it go outdoors and feeling the wind against your skin , that makes you feel like a man . Whizz on my friend , whizz on . ; )




Men are lucky they can do this. Wonder what charges a woman would have faced. BUT having said this, I do agree with Bluto about having restrooms inside the store.

Left Sandtown

Personal Foul-15yds,and $50.00 fine.It`s Good!He could of told the officer he was having a Super Bowl movement!God Bless us all!


What's the big deal? He pissed on a trailer, it's not like he pissed on a nice house in a nice neighborhood.


Aaah hell no , You went there !!! : )))