Friday, February 1, 2013 - 5:13pm
5000 block Columbus Ave., man was trying to chase raccoon out of his yard with a broom and called for help. When he was chasing it, it disappeared. He went back inside house, found it had sneaked into the mud room through a dog door. Racoon stood up on hind legs and hissed at the man, then ran out of dog door and hid underneath deck. Officer snared, then euthanized raccoon.







...wonder if the raccoon helped himself to the fridge before the law arrived...


Can't say Perkins Police are not equipped for emergencies. With all the high tech stuff in the trunk, also includes the dreaded SNARE. Good for them!

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(Officer snared, then euthanized)
Hmm! Thinking bad guys myself :)


They won't be able to help with raccons once they lay the 4 officers off!!


The snare will get you every time.

Cracked Cherry

That would of been a good Super Bowl commercial.


Why does no one think this is wrong. It was totally unneccessary to euthanize the animal. Many other options were available. Regardless of what you may think of racoons they deserve to live. Who do humans think they are that they have total arbitrary power of life and death over any living thing?


Because we do.


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Because it was a threat to his home... They are pests. I'm pretty sure their droppings contain round worm and they carry other diseases as well. IMO they Should treat stray cats the same they are just as bothersome ..
Lol some people probably won't like my opinion on this hehehehe


Any Raccoon out during the day is most definitely rabid. They are nocturnal. There was no other option but to put it down before it harmed something or someone else. I am an animal lover and advocate, but there was no way around this.


what exactly did the raccoon do to warrant the death penalty ?
i thought you had to have a hunting license to trap or kill coon ?
whats wrong with relocation after all they were her long befor we built houses in there neighborhoods ....and a doggie door is just asking for trouble unless you get the one that has a collar to activate the door ,,,sad !#alwayswannakillsomethin

Rod Farva

Praying for the coon's soul, godspeed little guy


Good lord


Thank you for the support clubfrog and Rod. I don't know why I bother trying to explain to people for whom life has no meaning. All life is sacred, not just religiously. It is the one thing that cannot truly be explained, and death is the true unknown. BTW, stray and feral cats are a problem created completely by irresponsible humans.


What a sorry dog, letting a raccoon enter it's house through his/her OWN door...SMH


I can see this being a Dorito's commercial. The raccoon looks in the door and sees the man eating Dorito's, so it makes a lot of noise to draw the man outside and then sneaks in and grabs the bag of Dorito's and races out through the doggy door again and hides under deck eating the Dorito's.