Perkins Police
Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 1:40am
4600 block Milan Road, David Komadina, 54, Lorain, violation of protection order, disorderly conduct; Janet Gorbey, 39, Lorain, disorderly conduct, police spotted Komadina urinating on car tire on shoulder of road, when officers pulled up they spotted old bruises on Gorbey's face, a stitched cut to her hand and a pair of nun chucks lying on seat, Gorbey said she fell, police found protection order against Komadina, police took both to jail.



Pull over to pee outside on the side of the road, on Rt. 250 at almost (bar) closing time and you think you won't be arrested? WTF?

Rod Farva

What kind of tool has nun chucks?

2cents's picture

Please put them in the same cell with weapons and tell them individually that the other is cheating on them. Turn on the cameras and post on YouTube tonight : )