Perkins police
Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 10:04pm
2600 block Pioneer Trail, David L. Daniels, 63, 2600 block Pioneer Trail, disorderly conduct. Daniels allegedly called police because he got into several arguments with his neighbor about her playing loud music and leaving her door open. Officers didn't believe Daniels because they knew the woman wasn't home and asked him how she could be playing loud music when she wasn't even there. Daniels couldn't answer, began arguing with officers, grabbed the back of his but and reportedly said "I have to (defecate)." Officer didn't let Daniels go back into the apartment. When officer asked Daniels to explain what's going on, Daniels once again said"I'm going to go (defecate)." Officer grabbed back of Daniel's overalls to stop him from walking away. Daniels then almost fell over, to which he said "I just (defecated) myself." While handcuffed and taken downstairs, Daniels said "I just (defecated) myself some more."



I think Mr. Daniels is full of ... Well you know ; ))))


Maybe not. Sounds like he let go twice in a couple of minutes. :D


Just another indication that there is no proof reader at the SR. I thought the "back of my but"...was spelled with two t's. And I don't think there is a way to grab the front of your butt.




Although I understand the reasoning behind some of these stories (to let the public see some of petty things officers have to put up with), why did they have to pick such a low class thing? The whole thing is disgusting.

Sit n Spin

I bet it was only a Shart and not all out defication :)


I left Sandusky a month ago to move to another state. I continue to read the "Register" on a daily basis to keep up with the current "goings-on" in the area. Why would anyone think that publishing stories such as this would provide any benefit whatsoever?!!?

I can assure you, it does nothing to promote the area, nor does it entice others to invest in Sandusky, in a business, economical, or personal sense. What a total embarrassment. It's disgusting and filthy.


I'm glad the SR publishes these things. It's the reason I buy the SR, because the daily log is so funny. Keep it up SR!


Well, h-l..It at least beats the hard copy comic section for Sunday's paper that feels like Whoever is in charge of Sunday's Comic Section in the hard copy edition, Please Retire? Please?


To proof reading police: I honestly think they make mistakes to keep you happy!


I don't know what made me laugh harder: the actual blotter item or the wise crack comments that followed. But I definitely popped a vein in my forehead ROTFL!

Pastor Ron

Full of crap? Sounds like he ended up empty.


I love the daily log!! We even circle the funny parts and pass it around work.